Our application’s objective
Is allowing skiers to find on-the-ground ski resort’s reality, and to
bring more skiers to the slopes.

With SKICAST the skier can make an informed decision
to optimize his outings to ski resorts.

We’ve created many types of information that are relevant to skiers and
that for the next 7 days.

– Detailed snow conditions: top layer type of snow, base hardness and a pictogram  
– Ease Index for families and average skiers: ratings A+, A, B+, B, ...
– Powder alerts for expert skiers.
– Predominant weather on the resort during skiable 
hours (9AM to 4PM)

Snow conditions forecast
Easy to understand pictograms are used to quickly describe snow conditions


Ease Index (showing the exrience to ski for beginers or families)
The Ease Index a simple way for average skiers and families to represent what their day on the slopes
will be. For example, a snowfall of 20 cm (8 inches) would be classified as A++ for an expert but only B+
for families, due to the higher difficulty. Shown Index are determinated according to Skicast criteria
experienced for the last 30 years. More, Skicast professional ski conditions evaluations executed by any
of their certified members, are instantly injected into forecasting ski conditions for that day of evaluation,
for that resort; this contributes to an excellent ski conditions forecasting accuracy.
Predominant weather forecast
The application displays selected, useful and relevant weather forecasts for skiers, corresponding to the resort's opening hours.
Our mission is accuracy 
We give ourselves the mission to provide ski conditions forecast with an accuracy of 95% and over